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Deaf Artist Series

Empyreal Press is proud to feature Deaf artists Ann Silver and Nancy Rourke with their own books in the series.  This series of two books, with more to come, brings attention to the artwork and lives of contemporary Deaf visual artists who are important to the Deaf Art Movement and De’VIA (DeafView/Image Art).  These are Deaf artists who place a perspective on their artwork which relates to American Sign Language, Deaf heritage, and Deaf culture.  Each book contains Silver and Rourke’s lifelong works, art interpretation, some art description, Deaf culture notes, and personal anecdotes on each artist’s Deaf experience. 

This important series offers readers an insight into the world of culturally Deaf people through their own artists. Furthermore, the series serves as a useful guide for art historians, curators, and docents in recognizing Deaf Art and De’VIA’s contribution to American art.  As the Deaf Art Movement and De’VIA are becoming an increasingly popular aspect of Deaf culture, interpreters will find themselves interpreting about these two artists in a variety of settings.  In fact, Ann Silver’s artwork has been printed on academic tests around the country, which is why having a base knowledge of these artists is becoming essential.